• Rebecca Ogilvie

Promoting yourself in Graphic Design

Many designers feel confident about their skills and designs. But when it comes to establishing themselves as freelance designers everything goes out the window and it becomes a struggle to get work in the real word.

Within this article you will find ways to promote yourself as a graphic designer and start living your life as a freelancer or possibly find your perfect career with a company.

#1 Define your Brand

Who are you? What do you want from your brand? What kind of people do you want to work for? What kind of jobs do you want to take on?

All things that have to be considered before developing yourself as a designer. Knowing yourself and your values will make your branding cohesive, as well as knowing what kind of services you want to provide to clients will help navigate the right clientele to your website. If you know yourself better, it’s sure you will persuade your clients better. That’s where you start growing as a designer.

#2 Create your style

What sets you apart from other designers, what do you provide that others don’t, why should a client choose you over the hundreds of thousand of designers in the world. Establishing your own style whether that be in illustration or graphic design it is important to set yourself apart in order to attracts the attention of a possible future client. Figure out your strengths and skills that set you apart. It is the thing that will convince your potential clients that you are the designer they’ve been looking for.

#3 Be social

In this day and age everything is online, whether you personally have any social media profiles or not, by not showing off your skills and services online there is a potential you’re missing out on a lot of work opportunities. Create a dedicated social networking account for your freelance work to act as almost a portfolio, this makes it easier for new clients to find your work due to different types of social media marketing techniques such as hashtags and trends.

Another pro to using social media is instant feedback and discussions about new work as well as keep up to date on what is new in the creative industry.

#4 Clients are more than just work

Business isn’t just about making money but strengthening a relationship. It is also about caring. The industry needs not only professionals but people who care about those who use their services.

Therefore it is important to make connections with your clients as a lot of jobs can come from word of mouth. This method of promoting yourself can help your current clients from coming back and talking you up to other businesses.

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