• Rebecca Ogilvie

Type in the High Street

The high street is the hub of the city centre, it’s the location of a big variety of shops, restaurants and bars therefore it is filled with loads of different types of typography.

I took a trip into Glasgow City Centre to look at the different kinds of type on display. I looked at the way the type was being used as well as looking at style I felt didn’t really work.

It is often something that is overlooked, but typography plays an essential part in the presentation of a company. Each piece of type is specifically designed with a font to fit its use. Typography can change the entire look and feel of a design depending on how and where type is used.

When designing for the high street it is especially important for the design to be eye catching and capture the attention of a passer by in order to stand out among the many shops on the same street.

Bier Halle is one of my favourite little bars in Glasgow City Centre, it is a Czech and German influences restaurant and bar. The type face for the branding is instantly very gothic reflecting the German typography style making you instantly know what the place is about and helps give off a certain atmosphere before even sitting down inside.

The type face is very different than its competitors in its vicinity which helps make it stand out even more. The type is legible which is another important factor when it comes to typography of all formats but even more so for the high street.

Although the high street is filled with some amazing typography examples it also has its fair share of not so good type. I have never eaten at "Lettuce Eat" so at first glance of the name and type I couldn't tell you what kind of food it serves. I do agree the font much like the name of the restaurant is very fun and out there but depending on the target audience they aim for it might not be the best for a busy high street full of offices and shoppers looking for a place to grab some good food while having a break or for couples and larger groups going for a nice meal in the evening. It is important to not judge a book by it's cover so I wouldn't put off trying the place but my graphic designer instinct can't help but judge a place based on the font and design of its branding. This is both a blessing and a curse for the creative mind.

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