• Rebecca Ogilvie

Why is Pentagram one of the best?

Who/what? is Pentagram?? Well if you don't know Pentagram is a design firm. It was founded in 1972, by Alan Fletcher, Theo Crosby, Colin Forbes, Kenneth Grange, and Mervyn Kurlansky at Needham Road, Notting Hill, London.

Why is Pentagram the best design design studio?

Simple. Passion! Pentagram has a unique working structure to their studios and are unlike any other design firm, where the owners of the business are the creators of the work and serve as the primary contact for every client the firm works with. This approach to working reflects that great design cannot happen without passion, intelligence and some personal commitment to the client.

Working for Pentagram

The first thing to know about Pentagram is that it isn’t one design team, but multiple design teams. There are eight partners in our New York office alone, and each runs a creative operation that is more or less autonomous.

Pentagram offer paid internships, The interns are often people who have written emails with no other introduction; in other cases they are students in a class that the designers teach or in some cases they’re recommended by other designers.

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